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Data collection made feel natural.

Fair as FoC.

FOC's mission is to manage your data.
YOUR data.

Everywhere & always

Due to the offline-first and mobile-first policy, you can collect and manage your data everywhere anytime.


Use any hardware for data collection


your favorite software for data processing

R, python, js, php ...


Import and export to open, human-readable data formats you already love.

geojson, vinv, csv

Continue working with your recorded data in all common GIS and spreadsheet programs.


If you have a flat tire, you don't buy a new car.

If your data collection method don't work anymore, you don't buy new software.

Just update your extension.

Reliable as FoC

The integrity of your data is top priority. Therefore, every single record is validated several times before it is stored in the database.

You will never ask yourself again:

  • fact_check Is the data set complete?
  • lightbulb_circle Do the values make sense?
  • check_circle Is the data set correct?
  • account_tree Why was the data set created?
  • person Who created the data set?
  • location_on Where was the data set created?
  • schedule When was the data set created?
  • timer How long did the data collection take?
  • history What is the history of data changes?
made easy

It's time for you to optimize
data collection process.

Your team will thank you.