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Based on your idea.

Extensions are digitized, normalized and standardized data collection methods.

    Every extension comes with

  • account_tree Standardization Your data collection method will be digitized and standardized.
  • auto_stories Documentation Standard is completely technically documented.
  • save Hosting Necessary scripts are reliably hosted.
  • flip_camera_android Versioning Standardisation documents and Documentation are versioned.
  • receipt_long Licensing Selection of a suitable license for your extension.
  • query_stats Testing Automated unit tests check relevant documents for plausibility.
  • optional

  • view_quilt User experience - FoC exclusive Definition of Layout schema.
  • insights Realtime stats - FoC exclusive Custom aggregation methods for previewing data analysis.
  • code Open Source Share your extension with the world and be featured as Sponsor.




You create your own data model according to the specifications of

We take over the optimization for the use in FoC.


€ custom / month

Based on your ideas, FoC creates and maintains your recording method.

This can be a recording of a few attributes up to complex, multi-stage recording processes.

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€ 100 / month

Support a existing recording method and see your logo featured.

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Bring your ideas into the field.

With the sponsor, you support the maintenance and further development of the extension. This includes support for users and webinars for an exchange among users for further development.

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